Hair Removal


IMPORTANT: Pre and post-care  instructions

  • Do not sunbathe or use a sunbed for 48 hours
  • Do not apply make-up to the area for the first 12 hours
  • Use Seba E oil for 7 days at home after treatment
  • Inform your therapist if you are taking any medication or vitamins between any treatments
  • Inform your therapist if you think you may be pregnant.


  • Female neat & tidy - Waxing

    from £16.95

    Strip wax using Tea Tree products to remove large areas of hair quickly and effectively. 

    *Abdomen & lower back - available on request

    Half-leg (inc. knees and feet) £19.95
    Full-leg (inc. bikini) £45.00
    Full-leg (inc. Brazilian) £50.00
    Full-leg (inc. Playboy) £55.00
    Full-leg (inc. Hollywood) £60.00
    Bikini £18.95
    Brazilian £26.00
    Playboy £35.00
    Hollywood £40.00
    Under-arm £16.95
    Half-arm £19.95
    Full-arm £30.00
    Lip or chin £15.95
    Lip & chin £19.95
    Nasal £18.95
    Lip & nasal £25.00
  • Guinot Stick' Hair®

    from £18.95

    A pliable wax that removes hair comfortably, without pulling the skin. The hairs are removed right at the root. The depilation lasts longer and is ideal for intimate areas.

    * Abdomen and lower back on consultation

    Bikini £25.00
    Brazilian £35.00
    Playboy £45.00
    Hollywood £50.00
    Underarm £25.00
    Half Arm £26.00
    Full Arm £40.00
    Lip or Chin £20.00
    Lip and Chin £25.00
    Nasal £18.95
    Lip and Nasal £30.00
  • Alkaline wash and hair-removal system

    from £16.95

    A treatment for the removal of fine downy body or facial hair, as well as removing the hair the treatment may also destroy its follicle leading to permanent hair loss.

    Legs available upon request

    Test patch £16.95
    Lip or chin £30.00
    Lip & chin £40.00
    Side of face £40.00
    Half face £50.00
    Whole face from £65.00
    Navel, one area £40.00
    Navel, two areas £55.00
    Arm from £110.00
  • Electrolysis

    from £16.95

    The only permanent removal of unwanted hair growth using short-wave diathermy or digital blend system.

    To find out more, book for a free, no-obligation consultation with your professional beauty therapist. If you have questions about aftercare, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Patch test £16.95
    15 minute session £20.00
    30 minute session £35.00
    Course of ten 15 minute sessions £180.00
    Course of ten 30min sessions £300.00
    Course of twenty 15min sessions £320.00
    Course of twenty 30min sessions £550.00
  • Female neat & tidy - Bleaching

    from £30.00

    Lip £30.00
    Arm £50.00
    Half-leg £70.00

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